Simple and affordable condominium and HOA management with UpperBee

Get an accurate real-time view of your finances and operations

Access UpperBee anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone. With UpperBee, your data is just a click away.

up-to-date financials, service requests, parcel received, equipment list

Popular features you can’t live without

Condominium association and HOA management and accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to effectively manage and plan your daily activities. Available online 24/7.

Individual insurance policies

Keep track of owners' individual insurance policies and automatically prompt them to update outdated contracts.

Integration with third-party applications

Customize UpperBee with inventory, construction deficiency tracking, owners voting and quorum compilation tools - And more.

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Parcel deliveries

Inform residents by email or SMS that a package has arrived at the building for them and is awaiting pickup at the front desk.

Contract renewal alerts

Stay ahead of the curve and informed of upcoming contract renewals - Never miss a deadline.

Mobile access

Work anywhere across IOS and Android devices.


Speed up invoicing while tracking sales of keys, access fobs, and other miscellaneous items.

Service requests

Efficiently answer and track owners' and tenants' information and service requests. Keep your community informed and stay on top of things. Set alarms and reminders - Never let things slip by you.


Create annual and special budgets that include common operating expenses, contingency fund contributions and contributions to any number of personalized funds. Automatically allocate each owner's share of said expenses and contributions.

Fully featured accounting software

Manage your finances, assess and collect your HOA dues or condo fees, pay bills, keep track of payable and receivable accounts, reconcile bank accounts, automatically invoice recurring charges, create custom allocation keys, compare budgeted results to actuals - And much, much more!

Virtual library

Attach documents of almost anything in UpperBee: bills, purchase order, bids, contracts, notices, letters, technical documents (i.e.: plans, warranty letters, user manuals, etc.).

Secured access

UpperBee offers a secured and private access to all your records. With UpperBee’s multiple security levels, you can manage who has access to what.

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