Tools accessible to owners

Board members, owners, tenants, and other authorized stakeholders have, according to their respective authorizations, can access various UpperBee features.

Tools available to owners

My Profile

Each owner can update his mailing address, his emergency contacts, his vehicles information and, if the building requires it, his insurance policy. An owner may also update his tenant's profile.

Service request

Allow owners and their tenants to report a problem with the building or to request various services such as a reprogramming the intercom or access system, make a room reservation, obtain information’s regarding their common charges or condo fees, report an infraction to the building rules, etc.

Financial information

Each owner has access to his financial information: his most recent statement of account, hit payment history, and the budget and financial statements of the syndicate of co-ownership, condominium or owners' association.

Manager and Board of Directors

Owners and tenants may consult the list of professionals responsible for the administration of the syndicate of co-ownership, condominium or the owner's association as well as the list of directors of the said legal entities.

Building Rules

Owners now have 24h/7 access to their building by-laws. Renting out your apartment, it is now easy to print out a list of up-to-date by-laws in order to attach it to your lease.


Access the various documents made available to you by the manager or administrators of your syndicate of co-ownership, condominium or owners’ association.

Frequently asked questions

Obtain answers to your frequently asked questions. This is the first place to look before asking your building manager or administrators.

Discussion forum

Owners and tenants, exchange with each other in a friendly environment, under your real names, in order to eliminate any excesses that anonymity allows. Display items for sale, services offered, etc.


Owners and tenants can view their building UpperBee’s calendar and make various types of reservations (community room, rental unit, equipment, etc.).



Keep a digital copy of your records and be notified of hearing dates for various legal files involving your condominium, syndicate of co-ownership or co-owners association.


Never miss a deadline again. Manage the contracts linking your condominium, syndicate or homeowners association to its suppliers and subcontractors. Stay apprised of start and end dates, notice of non-renewal dates, and let UpperBee notify you of any upcoming contract renewal.

Suppliers and contacts

Create and manage your suppliers and contacts. Link your suppliers and contracts so you do not miss anything. Have access to a repertory of specialized suppliers with several thousand entrepreneurs in several fields, including construction.


Keep a list of the owners of one or more fractions in one place, give system access to a legal representative, declare a tenant(s) and the duration of their lease, indicate a postal address(es) that differs from that of the building dwelling unit, list vehicles, access fobs and emergency contacts, and much more.

Co-owner’s insurances

Always be aware of co-owners insurance coverage. Keep a digital file of the insurance of each co-owner (i.e.: coverage period, types and amount of coverages, etc.). Be notified of missing or expired policies, send reminders to the relevant co-owners and approve or reject online their submitted contract based on your syndicate of co-ownership requirements.

Building Rules

Keep your condominium, syndicate or association original, amended and new regulations in an easily accessible registry that allows for the incorporation of these bylaws into various letters and other communications using the mail merge features of UpperBee. It has never been so easy to make your by-laws accessible to the various stakeholders who require them (brokers, co-owners, notaries, etc.).


Create a list of the private portions of your syndicate of co-ownership or owners’ association and assign each of these private portions their corresponding proportionate share.

Ownership history

Keep a complete history of all past and present co-owners of your syndicate of co-ownership, condominium association or HOA.


Allows doormen and security personnel to notify residents by email or text message (SMS) of the receipt of parcels intended for them, document who has collected them and keep an inventory of packages on hand.


Group all the decisions made by your Board of Directors and your general meetings, so you do not have to reread countless pages of minutes to find, for example, the date on which a decision was made. This is made possible by indicating to UpperBee which entry is a decision when drafting the minutes of a meeting.


With the possibility to access management software from any computer, tablet or cell phone connected to the Internet, it is easy for co-owners to inquire about the business of their condominium, syndicate of co-ownership, or home owner’s association.

Communication logs

UpperBee allows administrators, if they wish, to keep a complete history of their exchanges with co-owners and tenants.

Frequently asked questions

Reduce your workload by making available to co-owners the answers to their frequently asked questions.

Discussion forum

Allow your co-owners and tenants to exchange with each other in a friendly environment. Advertise items for sale, offer services, etc.

Internal and external mail

Communicate directly with co-owners and their tenants as well as your suppliers and keep a complete history of these exchanges.


Your own cloud storage space. Scan and upload your documents (e.g., plans, letter of guarantee, etc.) to UpperBee’s library so you never lose an important document again.


Circulate and compile surveys of co-owners and tenants to obtain their opinions on various topics (e.g.: proposed improvements to the building, amendment to by-laws, etc.).


Sent by email or text message (SMS), memos are an effective tool to notify all residents of a system breakdown, to make them aware of a particular situation, or to inform them of upcoming work in the building. In short, if you have to interact with all your residents, this function will simplify your task!

Service request

Allow co-owners and tenants to report a problem with the building or to request various services such as reprogramming the intercom or access system, make a room reservation, obtain information regarding their HOA dues or condo fees, report an infraction to the building rules, etc.

Mail merge

Why enter manually the names and addresses of co-owners and tenants on their correspondence when UpperBee already knows this information? Save time using UpperBee’s mail merge tools.


Prepare, generate and distribute your board meetings and general meetings documents using UpperBee (ie. agendas including financial statements, budget, and other relevant documents). Obtain from co-owners electronic proxies facilitating the obtention of the quorum at your next general meeting. If you call a meeting using UpperBee, be informed of who has received and opened your documents so that you only send by mail these documents to those who have not received them. Our companion software allows for the compilation of quorum and votes, to facilitate meetings with a large number of co-owners. Have the confidence that you will know as soon as the last co-owner is registered if you have reached the quorum, and if so, compile the meetings’ votes in a few minutes. The time when the results were only known when reading the minutes is now a thing of the past.


UpperBee includes traditional accounting features such a journal entries, bank reconciliations, accounts payable and receivable, financial statements, complete with a balance sheet, a statement of earnings and accompanying notes. However, where UpperBee really shines is its features specifically designed for HOA and condominium management such as:


Create your budget and invoice co-owners of your condominium, syndicate of-co-ownership, or homeowners’ association automatically at the specified frequency (e.g.: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually). Create your budget, allocate your expenses automatically based on historical results, and invoice - it's that simple. UpperBee will automatically take into account fractions and distribution keys. No other operation is required to record your income, UpperBee does it for you.

Special charges

Invoice special charges (fines, service fees, etc.) to one or more co-owners from a predefined list, reducing both your processing time and the risk of errors.

Cheques, pre-authorized debits and deposits

Collect co-owners’ common expenses and contributions to the contingency fund payments ("condo fees") using UpperBee’s 3rd party integrated features, and let UpperBee make all the required accounting entries automatically for you.


Set up fees associated with the various penalties set out in your syndicate of co-owners, condominium or owner’s association by-laws to reduce the workload associated with issuing penalties.

Journal entries

Journal entries allow you to enter any transactions for which UpperBee does not offer an automated feature, so you are never left empty-handed. In addition, you can flag end-of-period entries so that they are automatically reversed at the beginning of the next period.

Allocation keys

Create allocation keys to fit your needs. The flexibility of UpperBee ensures that there are no situations where you cannot distribute automatically common expenses and contributions to the contingency fund.

Bank reconciliations

Reconcile your accounts periodically to ensure the accuracy of your data.

Recurring charges

UpperBee allows you to schedule charges to be billed at regular intervals to owners or co-owners.

Invoices and credits

Keep all the invoices and credit notes of your syndicate of co-owners, condominium or owners' association in electronic format for future reference.

Budget review

Quickly compare your actual and projected results to clearly establish the financial position of your syndicate of co-ownership, condominium, or owners’ association.

Contracts of association

This feature allows for the sharing of expenses with another entity, say for having access to an offsite gym or parking.

Home support tax credit

Automatically generate the home-support tax credit for senior forms (available to users of the province of Quebec, Canada).

Customizable chart of accounts

You want more or less details, no problem, establish the chart of account that meets your needs. In addition, you can allocate to each of your accounts an IGRF code that allows you to quickly process your tax returns (available to Canadian users only).

Account payables

Access your account payables history to quickly view all of your syndicate of co-ownership, condominium, or owner’s association unpaid bills.

Accounts receivable

Board members have access to the detailed statement of account of each co-owner. Each co-owner can also access their statement of account. Finally, keep track of all your syndicate of co-ownership, condominium or owner’s association accounts using simple and intuitive tools.


Simplified building maintenance manual

Create an equipment list and set up maintenance reminders.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors voting tools

A virtual meeting tool for the Board of Directors, this tool allows you to exchange documents and information, discuss and vote electronically on topics that require the approval of your board.

Tools accessible to Bord of Directors members

En sus des outils accessibles à tous les utilisateurs, les membres du conseil d’administration ont accès à tous les outils requis afin d’administrer de manière efficace et efficiente tous les aspects d’un syndicat de copropriété ou une association de propriétaires.

See all, know all, all the time

Free yourself from the boundaries of traditional management software that confines you to accessing your client’s information on a per client basis. UpperBee’s management tools allow you to manage all of your clients’ accounts at once, so you are always informed of what is going on with each of them. This centralized approach saves you time and energy and allow you to invest your efforts where it matters most.

Automatic quality reviews

When an employee completes certain service request, UpperBee automatically sends out a survey to the person who had open the request. By reviewing the results of these surveys, you will be informed on how well your building managers and other employees are doing in the eyes of your clients. Don’t stay in the dark - know ahead of time if things are going sideways so your management team can promptly apply the proper corrective measures.

Integration with various online professional accounting software and inventory and order management software

Save time billing your products and services by integrating UpperBee with XEROTM or QuickbooksTM two of the most popular professional accounting SaaS available today. Let UpperBee generate your invoices and “push” them to your favourite software as a service (SaaS) to integrate your corporate accounting. Also, UpperBee’s integration with tradegeckoTM inventory and order management software allows you to sell key fobs and garage door openers, among other things to residents and your clients.

Learn more

Scan, review and approve your clients’ invoices, and have their Board members approve their payments online.

UpperBee lets you leverage your organisation size and various skillset of your employees by letting different people in your organisation perform different tasks like: i) data entry by your accounting staff; ii) invoice review and approval by your building manager; iii) payment approval by your client bank signatories; and iv) issuance of a cheques bearing the electronic signature of the latter to their suppliers.


Track your employees, your clients’ employees, and participating suppliers’ employees (i.e.: cleaning company staff) time onsite. You can even set alarms so that you are informed of absence and late arrival when someone fails to scan “in” at the building at the required time. UpperBee leverages NFC technology and let’s you place NFC tags in your clients’ buildings. By using web enabled mobile phones (AndroidTM or iPhoneTM) with NFC capabilities, all onsite personal can scan “in” and “out” of buildings.

Time tracking and billing tools

As building management professionals, you need to keep track of your time and invoice all services rendered that are not included in your base contract. So, maximize your revenues with UpperBee integrated time tracking and invoicing tools. Creates billable projects and service requests, set standard billing rates, etc. Now you can seamlessly integrate your billing with your daily activities, so you never have to choose between providing extra services to your clients and being paid for these services.

Model documents and replies

UpperBee let’s you create many model documents and replies so that you can quickly answer those frequently asked questions. Also, UpperBee’s powerful mail merge function lets you quickly send out notices of assessments and other notices to a large group of recipients. Now you can convoke large general meetings in just a few clicks.

Bids and calls for tenders

Prepare simple or complex technical specifications ahead of time and have UpperBee send them out to a group of selected suppliers. No supplier answered? No problem! UpperBee will automatically send out reminders. If a supplier asks you a question, UpperBee will inform all the selected suppliers of his question and your answer. If the selected supplier respects your technical specification, UpperBee will automatically compare the bids received and prepare a professional looking comparative analysis for you. Once a winner is selected, UpperBee will notify all the other suppliers that they did not win the bid - once again saving you time.


Anytime you need to coordinate an inspection of your owners’ units (i.e.: the building fire alarm system inspection and certification), you may find yourself spending a large amount of time obtaining the required authorization from each individual owner. UpperBee’s automated inspection tools lets you obtain authorization from your owners with just a few clicks, saving your valuable time. Also, UpperBee will remind you yearly when the inspection is due, a useful tool when there is a change to the management team.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

UpperBee includes a built-in CRM that lets you track leads, send bids, estimate your sales funnel and communicate with potential clients. Why pay for an assortment of software as a service (SaaS) when UpperBee does it at no extra cost!

Emergency management

UpperBee includes an emergency management module that collects and arranges many of the useful information required to rapidly and efficiently manage disasters and other emergencies (i.e., access codes, emergency contacts and suppliers, contract information, etc.). If you manage multiple buildings, this module allows you to decentralize this function.

Automated collection system

Don’t get bogged down by the sheer number of owners’ accounts to review to apply late fees and penalties. Let UpperBee automated alarms and features do most of the work for you. Now you can stay on top of this time-consuming task by automatically applying penalties and late fees on multiple owners’ accounts across multiple clients.

Residents manual

UpperBee allows you to create a universal resident’s manual accessible online by any resident, tenant, owner or co-owner.

Automated contract tracking

Let UpperBee track and list all your clients upcoming contract renewals. Be informed when a contract automatic renewal notice period approaches so you don’t run the risk of letting an unwanted contract automatically renew without your knowledge.