Board members: UpperBee software - Sound management made easy

In addition to owner tools, board members and managers have access to the tools they need to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of a condominium association or HOA.



Keep a digital copy of your records and be notified of hearing dates for various legal files involving your condominium association or HOA.


Manage your supplier contracts, stay apprised of their start, end and notice of non-renewal dates. UpperBee will notify you of all critical contract dates - Never miss a deadline again.

Suppliers and contacts

Create and manage your suppliers and contacts. Link your suppliers and contracts so you do not miss anything. Have access to a repertoire of specialized suppliers with thousands entrepreneurs.


Keep a registry of owners of one or more fractions, grant system access to a legal representative, declare a tenant and the duration of their lease, indicate alternative postal addresses, list vehicles, access fobs, emergency contacts - And much more.

Owner's insurance

Always be aware of owner's insurance coverage. Keep a digital file of each policy and its details (i.e.: periode, types and amount of coverages). Be notified of missing or expired policies, send reminders and approve or reject online their submitted policy based on your specific requirements.

Building Rules

Keep your condominium association's or HOA's original, amended and new by-laws in an easily accessible registry that allows for the incorporation of these by-laws into various communications using UpperBee's powerful mail merge features - It has never been so easy to make your by-laws accessible to the various stakeholders who require them (e.g., brokers, owners, notaries, etc.).


Create a registry of the private portions of your condominium association or HOA and assign each of these private portions their corresponding proportionate share.

Ownership history

Keep a complete history of all past and present owners of your condominium association or HOA.


Allows doormen and security personnel to notify residents by email or text message (SMS) of the receipt of parcels intended for them, document who has collected them and keep an inventory of packages on hand.


Group all the decisions made by your board of directors and those taken at your general meeting - Gone are the days of searching through countless pages of minutes to find, for example, the date on which a decision was made.


Accessing UpperBee management software from any computer, tablet or cell phone connected to the Internet, makes it easy for owners to inquire about the affaires of their condominium association or HOA.

Communication logs

UpperBee allows board members to keep a complete history of their exchanges with owners, tenants and other third parties.

Frequently asked questions

Reduce your workload by making available to owners the answers to their frequently asked questions.

Discussion forum

Allow your co-owners and tenants to exchange with each other in a friendly environment. Advertise items for sale, offer services, etc.

Internal and external mail

Communicate directly with owners, tenants as well as other third parties, and keep a complete history of these exchanges.


Your own cloud storage space. Scan and upload your documents (e.g., plans, letter of guarantee, etc.) to UpperBee’s library so you never lose an important document again.


Circulate and compile surveys of owners and tenants to obtain their opinions on various topics (e.g.: proposed improvements to the building, amendment to by-laws, etc.).


Emailing broadcast memos are an effective tool to notify all residents of a problem with the building or to make them aware of a particular situation, or upcoming event - In short, if you have to interact with all your residents, this function will simplify your task!

Service request

Allow owners and tenants to report a problem with the building or to request various services such as reprogramming the intercom or access system, make a room reservation, obtain information regarding their HOA dues or condo fees, report an infraction to the building rules, etc.

Mail merge

Why enter manually the names and addresses of owners and tenants on their correspondence when UpperBee already knows this information? Save time using UpperBee’s mail merge tools.


UpperBee make it easy to prepare, generate and distribute your board and general meeting documents, and obtain owners' electronic proxies or attendance confirmation to facilitate achieving a quorum. UpperBee, automates this process and keeps track of who has received and opened your documents. Our companion software allows for the compilation of quorum and votes or large meeting - Have the confidence that you will know as soon as the last owner is registered if you have reached quorum. Don't lose time determining the results of a vote - The time when the results of a vote were only communicated weeks after a meeting are now a thing of the past.


UpperBee includes traditional accounting features such as journal entries, bank reconciliations, accounts payable and receivable, financial statements, complete with a balance sheet and statement of earnings and accompanying notes. However, where UpperBee really shines is its specifically designed features for HOA and condominium management such as:


Create your budget and invoice cowners of your condominium association or HOA automatically at the specified frequency (e.g., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, etc.). Allocate your budgeted expenses automatically based on historical results, and bill association fees - it's that simple. UpperBee will automatically take into account fractions and distribution keys. No other operation is required to record your income, UpperBee does it for you.

Journal entries

Journal entries allow you to enter any transaction for which UpperBee does not offer an automated feature, so you are never left empty-handed. In addition, accruals reversal can be set to be automatic.

Cheques, pre-authorized debits and deposits

Collect owners’ common expenses and contributions to various funds ("condo fees") using UpperBee’s 3rd party integrated pre-authorized debit features, and let UpperBee make all the required accounting entries automatically for you.


Set up fees associated with the various penalties set out in your condominium association or HOA by-laws to reduce the workload associated with issuing penalties.

Special charges

Invoice special charges (fines, service fees, etc.) to one or more co-owners from a predefined list, reducing both your processing time and the risk of errors.

Allocation keys

Create allocation keys to fit your needs. The flexibility of UpperBee ensures that there are no situations where you cannot distribute automatically common expenses and contributions to the contingency fund.

Bank reconciliations

Reconcile your accounts periodically to ensure the accuracy of your accounts.

Recurring charges

UpperBee allows you to schedule charges outside the operating budget to be billed at regular intervals.

Invoices and credits

Go paperless - Keep all the invoices and credit notes of your condominium association or HOA in electronic format for future reference.

Budget review

Tools to quickly compare your actual vs budget and add projections to clearly establish the financial position of your condominium association or HOA.

Contracts of association

This feature allows for the sharing of expenses with another entity, say for having access to an offsite gym or parking.

Home support tax credit

Automatically generate the forms for home-support tax credit for seniors (available to users of the province of Quebec, Canada).

Customizable chart of accounts

You want more or less details, no problem, establish the chart of accounts that meets your needs. In addition, you can allocate to each of your accounts an IGRF code that allows you to quickly process your Canadian tax returns.


Access your payment history and quickly view all of condominium association or HOA unpaid bills.


Board members have access to the detailed statement of account of each owner. Each owner can also access their statement of account. UpperBee can accommodate multiple sources of income other than standard fees - Finally, keep track of all your condominium association or HOA revenues using simple and intuitive tools.


Simplified building maintenance manual

UpperBee simplifies the process to create an equipment list, track modifications, link expenses, and set periodic maintenance reminders.

Board of directors

Virtual Board of Directors meetings

A web-based meeting tool for the Board of Directors, to exchange documents and information, discuss options and vote electronically on topics that require the approval of the Board – No need to be physically present!