Owners: this condominium software provides easy access to all the information

Board members, owners, tenants, and other authorized stakeholders have, according to their respective authorizations, can access various UpperBee features.

My Profile

Each owner can update his mailing address, his emergency contacts, his vehicles information and, if the building requires it, his insurance policy. An owner may also update his tenant's profile.

Service request

Allow owners and their tenants to report a problem with the building or to request various services such as a reprogramming the intercom or access system, make a room reservation, obtain information’s regarding their common charges or condo fees, report an infraction to the building rules, etc.

Financial information

Each owner has access to his financial information: his most recent statement of account, hit payment history, and the budget and financial statements of the syndicate of co-ownership, condominium or owners' association.

Manager and Board of Directors

Owners and tenants may consult the list of professionals responsible for the administration of the syndicate of co-ownership, condominium or the owner's association as well as the list of directors of the said legal entities.

Building Rules

Owners now have 24h/7 access to their building by-laws. Renting out your apartment, it is now easy to print out a list of up-to-date by-laws in order to attach it to your lease.


Access the various documents made available to you by the manager or administrators of your syndicate of co-ownership, condominium or owners’ association.

Frequently asked questions

Obtain answers to your frequently asked questions. This is the first place to look before asking your building manager or administrators.

Discussion forum

Owners and tenants, exchange with each other in a friendly environment, under your real names, in order to eliminate any excesses that anonymity allows. Display items for sale, services offered, etc.


Owners and tenants can view their building UpperBee’s calendar and make various types of reservations (community room, rental unit, equipment, etc.).