Managers: Finally, a enterprise ressource planning (ERP) software destined to the condominium association and HOA management markets

In addition to the tools available to owners and board members, property managers, have access to all the tools required to effectively and efficiently manage their customers and their business.

Be on top of what is going on with all your clients

Free yourself from the boundaries of traditional management software that confines you to accessing your client’s information on a per client basis. UpperBee’s management tools allow you to manage a portfolio of clients all at once. This centralized approach saves you time and energy and allows you to focus your efforts on creating the most value for your clients.

Automatic quality reviews

Know what your clients are thinking. Automatically send a survey to a requesting person when their request is completed. The results of these surveys you will inform you of how well your building managers and other employees are performing in the eyes of your clients. Don’t stay in the dark - know ahead of time if things are going sideways so your management team can promptly apply the proper corrective measures.

Integration with 3rd party business software

Save time billing your products and services by integrating UpperBee with XEROTM or QuickbooksTM two of the most popular professional accounting SaaS available today. Let UpperBee generate your invoices and “push” them to your favourite software as a service (SaaS) to integrate your corporate accounting. Also, UpperBee’s integration with tradegeckoTM inventory and order management software allows you to sell key fobs and garage door openers, among other things to residents and your clients

Paperless payment and approval process

UpperBee’s paperless processes allow you to assign various task levels within your organisation to match the employee skillset with the task at hand. Such as:
i) data entry by your accounting staff;
ii) invoice review and approval by your building manager;
iii) payment approval by your client; and
iv) issuance of a cheques bearing electronic signature, etc.


Track employee time: yours, your clients, your suppliers, etc. Set alarms to inform you of absences, late arrivals or when someone fails to scan "in" at the required time. UpperBee leverages NFC technology and let's you place NFC tags in your clients' buildings. By using web enabled mobile phones (AndroidTM or iPhoneTM) with NFC capabilities, all onsite personnel can scan “in” and “out” of buildings.

Time tracking, WIP and billing tools

As building management professionals, you need to keep track of your time and invoice all services rendered that are not included in your base contract. So, maximize your revenues with UpperBee integrated time tracking, work in progress (WIP) management and invoicing tools. Create billable projects and service requests, set standard billing rates, etc. Now you can seamlessly integrate your billing with your daily activities – Always get paid for the extra services you render.

Model documents and replies

UpperBee let’s you create many model documents and replies so that you can quickly answer those frequently asked questions. UpperBee’s powerful mail merge function lets you quickly distribute assessment notices and other announcements to a large group of recipients. Now you can convoke large general meetings in just a few clicks.

Bids and calls for tenders

With simple or complex technical specifications, this tool facilitates communication, questions and answers, and analysis of submitted offers, selection of the winning bid, and communication to those not selected. By entering a small amount of information, UpperBee automates this process for you - once again saving you time.

Building inspections

Anytime you need to coordinate an inspection of your owners’ units (e.g.; fire alarm system inspection, etc.), you may find yourself spending a large amount of time obtaining access authorization from each individual owner. UpperBee’s automated inspection tools lets you obtain authorization from your owners with just a few clicks, saving your valuable time. Also, UpperBee will remind you yearly when the inspection is due - A useful tool in a changing environment.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

UpperBee includes a built-in CRM that lets you track leads, send bids, estimate your sales funnel and communicate with potential clients. Why pay for an assortment of software when UpperBee does it at no extra cost!

Emergency management

UpperBee includes an emergency management module that collects and arranges the most useful information required to rapidly and efficiently manage disasters and other emergencies (e.g.; access codes, emergency contacts and suppliers, contract information, etc.). - If you manage multiple buildings, this module allows you to decentralize this function.

Automated collection

Don't get bogged down by the sheer number of owners’ accounts to review and apply late fees and penalties. Let UpperBee’s automated alarms and features do most of the work for you. Now you can stay on top of this time-consuming task by automatically applying penalties and late fees on multiple owners’ accounts across multiple clients.

Residents manual

UpperBee allows you to create a universal resident’s manual accessible online by any resident, tenant, owner or co-owner.

Automated contract tracking

Let UpperBee track and list all your clients upcoming contract renewals - Don’t run the risk of letting an unwanted contract automatically renew without your knowledge!