Why is UpperBee the most efficient condominium management software?

Starting in 2007, UpperBee was developed in partnership with one of North America’s premier Home Owners Associations (HOA) and condominium management company. As a result UpperBee benefited from more than a decade of management experience to become what is today’s most powerful all-in-one online software solution for managing all types of co-owned properties (syndicates of co-ownership, condominium associations, strata properties, etc.) and HOA. With UpperBee, it is no longer necessary to pay for multiple platforms to meet all your property management needs. UpperBee handles accounting, amenities management (e.g.; guess suites and common facility reservation, etc.), parcel delivery tracking, required information registries, customer requests resolution, maintenance logs, collection services, and much, much more!

It is now possible to streamline all management activities thus granting you significant productivity gains over coupling traditional accounting software packages and other miscellaneous tools.

Software developers listening to your needs

Even more, UpperBee is constantly being improved based on feedback gathered from our customers.

UpperBee.com is backed by a team of full-time dedicated members who actively maintain and develop new functionalities. Our team of support specialists and developers are there to answer your questions and listen to your suggestions to continuously improve our existing tools to bring to you new and exiting features.